The greatest work, " nature" 

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When I was in elementary school, I started learning watercolors every day and was subsequently selected as the representative of the landscape watercolor school for the curatorial.

In the days when photography was not common, I found a well-composed landscape, sketched it on the spot, and finished coloring it.

As I was in a rural school, I painted mainly natural landscapes such as mountains, trees, flowers, fields, rocks, thatched roofs, and tiled houses in the area.

As I was painting the four seasons outdoors, nature, which I had seen indifferently before I started painting, came into my heart with a strong emotion. It was as if I was seeing nature for the first time after I started painting. For example, I saw:

The soft green leaves that come up in spring and the slightly shy pink azaleas.

Deep green trees that respond to intense summer sunlight.

Summer flowers that can no longer brighten.

The trees in autumn go through several stages, changing into unexpected colors every day, from olive green to red brown.

The winter landscape is seen with achromatic colors that give a calm, cool, and firm color feeling.

Again, natureis shown as a color with life in preparation for a splendid color.

What is the factor that makes nature deliver beauty and emotion to people?

I think it's the "color."

In developing the Mission watercolor paints, I thought that people instinctively missed nature, and so I pursued the colors of nature.

Because the greatest work is nature, and the most perfect color is the color of nature.

To express the colors of the memories that came with the emotions of childhood and to create the colors closest to nature, I searched for different landscapes in various countries around the world, and carefully observed flowers, trees, soil, and rocks. To accentuate our sense of color, we filled the development room with many flowers and plants.

Because of this process, watercolor artists from various countries around the world who use the Mission say that this adds a sense of vitality, especially when drawing flowers and living things.

We hope that the emotions you feel in nature will be carried over to your work through the Mission.

"A new challenge, the beginning of Mijello."

When I entered art college, dreaming of becoming a painter, I made art with acrylic paints.

Due to the nature of acrylic paints, the squeezed paint hardens after a few hours and cannot be used, and the palette also cannot be removed,

so only disposable items can be used.

After graduating, I felt the need for a palette for acrylic paints that could be used for a long time, so that hardened paints could be removed easily after mixing, as the inconvenience of acrylic paint palettes continued. Based on these experiences, we developed a palette for acrylic paints and naturally became a start-up company.

  " Exceeds the limits of the color development of watercolor paints." 


A year after the establishment of our company, we developed a variety of watercolor palettes with new methods and new materials. As we used various brands of watercolor paints to test the various functions of the palette, I realized the limits of color development and felt the need to develop paints.

As we started developing watercolor paints in 2007, we learned about the characteristics of pigments in the process of testing various pigments. The pigments used today are mainly organic and inorganic pigments. Organic pigments have small light particles, so it is easy to increase their color development power, but the light resistance is lower than that of inorganic pigments. It's nice, the color is natural, and it has weight.

For this reason, we tried to use as many inorganic pigments as possible when developing our paints.

However, we found that inorganic pigments have large, heavy particles, making it difficult to enhance color development. So, I came to recognize that transcending the limits of color development with inorganic pigments is a key task in the development of watercolor paints. Accordingly, after much effort, I was able to create paints with high color development with inorganic pigments using various physical and chemical methods. As a result, Mijello Mission Watercolor paint quickly spread to domestic and foreign watercolor artists with a strong color that has never been experienced before.

  "We do our best together for a precious work."

Mijello's products, developed with great empathy for the artist's heart, were made with utmost sincerity in each process by members of Mijello, who all share the same feeling that the product we made is passed on to someone and used for a beautiful and precious work that brings joy to the artist after completing a work.

  "Exceeding the limits of the pictorial genre of watercolor paints." 

My second vision is to break away from the centuries-old perception that 'watercolor painting should be painted thinly, so it is light painting.' I want it to become a material that can be used for various genres of pictorial expression.

The advantage of watercolor paint is that it can change various properties because water is a solvent, and it is the most natural and least-polluting material. In addition, watercolor has a lot of advantages over oil painting and acrylic painting because it has a very wide range of dynamics, and the detailed color feeling and the effect of chance that spreads when it meets water are magnificent, and you can be touched by the feeling of seeing the clear and beautiful natural aspect of the painting.

Mijello intends to contribute to further enhancing the artistry and value of watercolors by developing more innovative watercolor paints and watercolor supplements that can maximize the strengths of watercolors and add weight to the thick texture.

Just as an artist always struggles doing original work, all Mijello members and I will continue to challenge the boundaries with new ideas for your original work.

Min-Jin Seo, CEO of Mijello 

"A Product Turning into an Artwork "

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"A Product Turning into an Artwork"

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